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Currently working by appointment only. Please call (713) 817-1687 to schedule an appointment,

Welcome to High Octane Archery!

Your one-stop-shop for all your custom archery needs

 Check out our wide range of services from our trademark bow super tune, to custom wrapped and fletched arrows and more. Be sure to follow our Instagram page and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with the shop, ask questions, and catch all of our awesome High Octane archery content!

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As hunters, we have been taught to cherish the opportunities we get in the field because they are often rare and fleeting. Reliability and accuracy of your equipment in the field is crucial to a successful hunt or 3D shoot. With the technology in today's bows, the old adage 'It's not the bow, it's the indian' does not always hold true. No matter how long you practice or how hard you train, an out-of-tune bow will not deliver consistent arrow flight. High Octane Archery was founded to allow the everyday archer the opportunity to maximize the capabilities of their bow. Your traditional bow shop makes the majority of their money off selling bows, NOT fitting them and tuning them to the customer. Over 10 years of bow hunting and competitive target archery brought me to bow shops around the country. Unfortunately, the majority of those shops would sell a bow to a customer, make sure the cams were timed, set up a center shot and then hand the bow to the customer claiming that the bow is 'tuned'. In reality, that is far from the truth. Today's bows are capable of extreme speeds and accuracy, but in order to realize the maximum capabilities of your bow it is crucial that it is tuned and fitted to you correctly. At High Octane Archery, we are committed to setting up every client, regardless of experience, skill, or equipment with a bow tuned with extreme precision. Come see us at High Octane Archery and we'll get you shooting straight, guaranteed!

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